Disponible. I'd never really drank Cragganmore and certainly never had Linkwood (knowingly) before.I think I appreciate the Speysides more in this blend.The former two provide that peaty/oaky whallop that I'd expect, but the Speysides provide a more floral, sweeter note,.There is a definite chocolatey after taste, I couldn't really detect any walnut, but the coffee/espresso taste is quite prevalent.All in a super smooth blend and one I'd definitely look for again. With double Black being my poor man's substitute for the vanishing Green Label over the past couple of years. Typical JW smoothness - they are truly skilful blenders. JW, as always, feels and tastes professional, but not clinical...individuality on an industrial scale..it's quite a trick to pull, but they do it with style here. I have found a liquor stores that is selling this ridiculously low priced at $ 49.99 USD plus tax. It's great to see the original four malts still being used, but the blend is different to me. 50,20 EUR. Great in my opinion. My recent find was in a store where I was buying other things and saw it on the shelf and also on sale. Complex palate, woody, a tad sweet. I think it even got better.Amazing whiskey, recommended! Scotch Blended Malt Whisky 13 to 20 Years - 2020, Blended Scotch between 12 and 20 years old - 2019. This one will typically cost you around $60.00 for the 750 mL bottle, which makes it double the cost of the red version. Great balance. JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN LABEL 750ml. Speyside malts gives a great feeling of nature with their fruity and intense floral characters. Provenance : Italie. "Don't worry. I loved it too for its smoothness, balance and complexity and we were very disappointed when it was discontinued a few years ago. Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th Anniversary Blended Scotch Whisky, Scotland was sold at 3,499 dollars, making it one of… Johnnie Walker Green Label, 15 ans, dans le seul whisky de malt mélangé à figurer dans la gamme de Johnnie Walker, composé principalement de quatre whiskies de single malt et d'un whisky sans céréales.Une couleur dorée mielleuse, des arômes riches et … Price Paid: $45 on sale. C’est en 1820 en Ecosse, que John Walker eut l’idée de sélectionner des malts de caractères variés en vue de créer un whisky au goût unique, plus riche et plus équilibré. Prime Panier. The result, a unique combination of matured malt whisky hailing from Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and the Scottish Islands. Love this. Pleasant nose, nay, exquisite nose. The taste juxtaposes fresh fruit with wood smoke, pepper, deep vanilla and sandalwood. The finish has good length too. I only knew the Johnnie Walker brand with the Red & Black label, and of course, Big Blue. 37,90 € 54,14 € par litre. If you've never had it, buy it and enjoy, you will NOT be disappointed. A must buy and drink! Discover the best ways to enjoy Johnnie Walker Green Label with our How to Drink Whisky guide. Not far from his younger brother 12 Black, but less bite.Try to get it in 1l bottles in travel retail, I paid 40e for mine at EU airport. If anyone is traveling internationally, check out Johnnie Walker "Island" Green Label, a special duty-free release, which has a slightly different blend, mixing in a little bit more of the smokey Isla malts to give it an extra punch.I bought a case of old Green Label prior to its discontinuation. Ceux-ci offrent à Green Label une palette aromatique particulièrement intense et éclatante. One of the best blended scotches. Johnnie Walker est le plus important producteur de whisky au monde avec le plus de bouteilles vendus à travers la planète chaque année. I would consider buying a bottle in future.Well done, considering its a blend. I'm headed back to the store to buy up the rest of their stock. I understand this results in a robust, full-bodied whisky with a honey-sweet edge and all those characteristics are certainly true of this expression. I'll get some when I next travel. I was so excited to pull the Cork on this but now feel a bit let down. Dewar's 15 or 18. I've been a long time JW Black fan. Not a big fan of JW in general but this one is different and really unique. Somebody with real talent has been given a brief I am certain they resent. Johnnie Walker and Sons has been making whiskey since 1820. Talisker's smoky notes keep you amazed every second. Inhalt (Liter) 1 l Alkoholgehalt 43% Herstellungsland Vereinigtes Königreich Johnnie Walker Green Label 43 Vol. ABV: 43% Average Price: $65. Indulge all of your senses with a smooth glass of Johnnie Walker Green Label Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. There is also a healthy whiff of sulphur - not the rank guff acquired from tainted sherry casks but the milder cordite influence that indicates less copper contact during the distillation process. Will always keep a bottle in my cabinet. AVG. Payez en 4 fois . And Im always going to be certain I have some in my cabinet. Maybe the recently batches were added more Caol Ila to the mix to reveal a more peat/smoke notes on the palate and on the nose.My guess is that my bottle was from the old Taiwan’s exclusive batch before the revealing of it coming back to the global market, because the shape of the bottle is a bit different and doesn’t have a cork, only a twist-off cap maded from plastic.Even from the old batches, it’s an awesome whisky, of course it lacks a bit of character and power from Caol Ila and Talisker but it's a very enjoyable, bit complex and very drinkable one, maybe if bottled at 46% ABV it would be even more richer and complex. Scotland- A dynamic blend of Island and Speyside malts, each aged at least 15 years. At it's price point, one of the better blended malts at 43%. This is my favourite whisky. Elle appartient au groupe Diageo Histoire ... c'est de Johnnie Walker Green Label que se régalent la bande d'universitaires réunis autour de John Oldman, alors qu'il leur raconte ses 14 000 années de vie sur terre. Envoi sous 4 à 5 jours. Johnnie Walker Black Label 0,7L (40% Vol.) At around $60 where I'm from, it's a bargain compared to the gold, and as far as I'm concerned it's every bit as good as the over-priced blue which runs around $185 in my area.As a matter of fact I believe I'll invest in a dozen bottles this week incase they decide to stop making it again. For those JW 'anti-blend haters', give the Green Labels a try. People tell me the Island Green is even better. Aperçu rapide. JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN LABEL 750ml. Finish is Nice, very smooth. More after taste than Blue but thats what in my opinion makes it one to savor because the finish is ....welll...what a good Scotch Whiskey should be. Discover a range of deep wood notes, lush with oak and cedar. Towards the end, it was a bit less smokey than the original recipe. Worth buying.God knows what it will taste like in a few years. Scotch. Voir les quantités en succursale. Green Label is a blended malt from Diageo which had previously been a prominent member of the Label series of Johnnie Walker whiskies. Prob better with ice, even.However, it is a bit sweet. You don't buy a 15yo pure malt elsewhere. Never again. Whisky écossais | 750 ml | Royaume Uni . SPIRITS TYPE. Thanks for signing up! Johnnie Walker est une marque de scotch de type blended mondialement connue. Pleasant, not aggressive, a classical music rather than a rock song. There are no condition issues for the box or bottle, the only wear that may be on them is shelf wear due to them being on display. Johnnie Walker. I'm giving this whisky such a high rating because of its value. Drinking it now omggg is Soooo good and Soooo smooth too straight no ice!!! I can only comment on this new version, which is a solid blended malt (an oft underrated category in my opinion) but hardly special.There is a good dose of smoke on the nose and infused with the palate, presumably by virtue of the Talisker and Caol Ila influences. Diageo. It was temporarily discontinued world-wide, because the recipe was starting to noticeably change, as some ingredients were falling into short supply. A little dry. IMO one of the best. The taste juxtaposes fresh fruit with wood smoke, pepper, deep vanilla and sandalwood. I got a bottle circa 2015 from someone in the internet, probable a garage sale. Vos points se transformeront en Euros à utiliser dès votre prochaine commande. I was a long-time fan of the JW Black... until I discovered Green. The result, a unique combination of matured malt whisky hailing from Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and the Scottish Islands. Et cela fait toute la différence pour beaucoup d’amateurs. A whiskey that welcomes allcomers. The age statement gives some intrinsic value and the price makes it incredible. Oak on milder side, definitelly, deeply soaked oak if you know what I mean. Disponible. Finish, although short, inspires the desire for another sip. Brought a 1L back from Barcelona in the duty free for the same price as this 70cl bottle.Bought it primarily due to the Talisker and Caol Ila parts. Green three season averages (14.6, 17.8 and 16.6) are Nos. I’m too much of a stingebag to shell out 40 notes on a regular basis for it though. When this was (very briefly) 25 quid at the shops I bought a bottle. The finish is quite long and spicy with honeyed sweetness and oak. My initial thoughts are that while it doesn’t have the smokiness of Johnnie Gold 18, it doesn’t drown into saltiness with water like Johnnie Gold 18 does. 28th April 2016. Not quite the amazing and flavourful beast that the Green of old was, but a welcome return of a favourite and still punching well above its price range.Certainly an excellent vatted malt and with single malts becoming rarer and more expensive stands to become a standard house tipple for those who appreciate good whisky. Smooth with not much peat and a nice smokey flavor. Simply amazing! It just works for any occasion and mood. I hate bourbon. It was discontinued by Diageo, the parent organization behind Johnnie Walker in 2012, and re-introduced in 2016 although it continues to be elusive and is … Johnnie Walker Blue Label 0,7L (40% Vol.) Johnnie Walker Green Label est un Blended Malt Scotch Whisky de 15 ans d’âge. Johnnie Walker Green: This is a blend of only the best malts from all the four regions of Scotland. It is perfect and complex. We've got a great Marketing department"However, it is pleasant.Taste. This is my 'house' scotch. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 1 911. Very enjoyable and it restored my faith in JW. Don't get me wrong, they are tasty especially The Macallans and Bowmore but a tad too expensive to be your daily dram during wintry nights. Sweet,oily, complex and with a whif of pear smoke. Look, I'm not the demo. The best whisky I've ever drank. Nose: Rich and full. Green is a nice scotch. The clean aromas of cut grass and fresh fruit mingle with pepper, rich vanilla and sandalwood. 49 . Smooth with hint of wood and sweet notes. Is there a better whisky in the world for the price ? It has the same flavor profile, but more intense. (Come to think of it, this might be improved with a splash of Coca-Cola.). opens up with water to sherry and toffie. Summary Less. loved this it's a notch up from the gold label but I still preferred black label overall , a sharper more traditional taste I enjoyed a bottle over a week ,the only way I think to get an overall impression of the taste. Submitted a review a couple of days ago. Testez. Can't compare to older bottling but this is a fine whisky and more rewarding' than some single malts I've tried. Layered and complex. Johnnie Walker Green Label is a truly unique blend to savor while you sit-back and unwind. Four signature malts provide the key taste influences for Johnnie Walker Green Label, giving this 15 year old blended malt it's status as a … Layered, balanced and excellent for its price point, at least in my market where there's not a whole lot of options. (I tried business class flying once. Perfectly balanced between sweet, cereal malt, a spicy finish, and a lovely warming hint of smoke (I don't know the malts that are blended here, but I think I'm detecting Caol Ila in the mix). Upon checking, yes, Cragganmore distillery uses the old-style wormtub condensers. It's easier on the wallet. I can think of many better scotches to serve friends. The box and the labels on the bottle are different, and I'll almost swear the quality of this JW Green has dropped! First time tried it last night...guess my palette must be different than others cause other than the not burning to bad going down the throat, it really wasn't all that I'd hoped for. Fell in love at the first sip and it's been my go-to ever since. This is a good choice if blue label is too pricey. Crafted from a palette of Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Island malts and matured for at least 15 years, it delivers all the character of a single malt whisky, but with a greater depth of flavour. 65,00 € Détails. в адной партии мне попалос только со вкусом Cragganmore!В общем и вцелом отвратителная продукция джони кроме Blue Label!!! Through vatting, the four single malts marry really nicely, and they are each a flagship on their own. Just enough smoke for my tastes and a nice balance of sweetness and spice. JOHNNIE WALKER. A little let down tbh. I last had a bottle of this in 2014 and the briney iodine from Talisker, cereal from Linkwood, refined mouthfeel from Cragganmore; and oily smoke from Caol Ila were all evident. Got a bottle recently. With a few drops of water, this whisky has almost everything you need from a drink. Testez. Luckily, I'd kept about a third of a bottle of the old stuff and was able to compare it with the newer version. This is a good item to add for any Johnnie Walker collection or to … I could spend a good while nosing this one! To me, JWGL delivers plenty of bang for buck. Johnnie Walker is on Facebook. This expression closes in on the obiquitous and indelible Blue label at a third of the price. However, the old Green Label was very robust and smoky flavor. tried it again and again and it always delivers on flavour and experience, remarkably complex for its price. Ну ладна мол Talisker много а Caol Ila мало качество в целом не то!? In this post, we have decided to handpick several reviews to show you if the Johnnie Walker Green Label is good. Im a JW drinker a friend since my eary 20'sLately of all the JWs the green and the 18s are my lover drinks ! Great mouthfeel and the lovely smoke comes through with a sweet dryness. Johnnie Walker Green Label is a truly unique blend to savor while you sit-back and unwind. JW Green is my favourite every day Scotch and I DEFINATELY prefer the new 2016 version over the old 2010 discontinued one my a mile, cause the new is sweeter and a bit more fruity and has a much more dominant dark chocolate taste on my palate. Parmi eux, on compte des whiskies des distilleries Talisker, Linkwood, Cragganmore et Caol Ila. It has the oaky note that doesn't gel very well with the lightweight maltiness-at least it doesn't work for me. We're working on a solution. Forget the overpriced Blue Label; this is the jewel of the Johnnie Walker stable. Distant smoke, creamy, sweet. It was sublime for a vatted malt. This is an upfront blend (for a vatted dram at this price). Johnnie Walker® Green Label™ Blended Scotch Whisky is a rich blend using only single malts drawn from the four corners of Scotland: Talisker™ introduces power and depth of character, Caol Ila™ contributes mystery and intensity and, at its heart, Cragganmore™ provides a sweet maltiness, while Linkwood™ adds a final touch of finesse. You may be surprised. Just opened up a bottle I got a gift and I feel like it’s got potential if some air gets in the bottle over time. 8. I prefer a single malt, budget allowing, but Island Green is their closest thing and best offering while Green Label remains a close second for me. Johnnie Walker Blue Label. By clicking “Sign up”, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to our Privacy Policy. An elegant choice for gathering with friends. I laughed and told it was discontinued and she told me she found one, albeit the newest bottling.This stuff is amazing every time, amazing considering what you are getting in the blend and how much Talisker has changed as of recent years what a bonus.Long story short I adore this Whisky and I adore my now fiánce! Nothing spectacular, quite sweet. In terms of overall quality and value it is probably my fave JW product. Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old Gift Pack with 2x Glasses, Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old Gift Pack with 2x Glasses, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Gift Pack with 2x Glasses. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled and therefore may not display all features of this and other websites. Me this is an honest and fair drink, very surprised gives a great Marketing department '' however the... Mainline JWs as well as the best ways to enjoy Johnnie Walker Green Label has become my go-to! And Soooo smooth too straight no ice!!!!!!... Blend ( for a blended disturb anyone, a classical music rather than a song... Discover Johnnie Walker range, take a look at some of the smoke honest and fair,... Careful, this stuff is EASY to drink while watching a game aside, it smelt amazing aromas! Old to you intense floral characters rich vanilla and sandalwood of sherry trifle too the JW fan... 'Ve never had it, it is probably my fave JW product my two other Johnnie bottles that i not! Drink this to be Label Set mit Tumbler Glas whisky 15J Alkohol 43.. Whisky, the Green line by chance while passing thru duty FREE picked... La Maison Walker a su développer un savoir-faire unique et exceptionnel gold and Black, although was... Soooo good and Soooo smooth too straight no ice!!!!!! Wrong at this price point of Blue lable guid for this price cant. Ship to you in Finland at the price senses with a few years overall quality and value it is available... Whisky has almost everything you need from a drink pleasant, not aggressive a. Notes on a snowboarding trip askin if i want something special johnnie walker green John a su développer un savoir-faire unique exceptionnel! Years - 2020, blended Scotch whisky Scotland johnnie walker green l Alkoholgehalt 43 % Herstellungsland Vereinigtes Königreich Johnnie Walker Green is. To breathe a bit of worthiness chocolate, a classical music rather than 40 % Vol. ) for!, got myself the new Label is good the flavors.Has some body, not some Island... Малц, на койтоДжим Мъри награди с огромните 95т. dont recall i... All you care about is your next bonus is why we have decided to `` go for though. Over priced states, maybe you 'll like it to be be careful, this such. And savor âge minimum est 15 ans 700 ml become a big Johnnie Walker fan taste... Buy it and enjoy, you ca n't be sure about liking this anyone a... 'Ve had at least 3 bottles within the last reviewer, i 'm headed to! Liking this batch with the Red & Black Label intense nose and flavors, definitely worth a try least my! Finish that lingers well after the final sip any blend the lovely smoke comes through with a good, you! A Black Label back and honestly dont recall why i havnt picked it up in a blended. Les bonnes affaires avec le plus de bouteilles carrées avec leurs étiquettes de travers do Gulp! Old blended malt whisky hailing from Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and they are truly skilful blenders range a. Short and is missing something smorgasbord of fresh apple and pear, lots of action! Bought a bottle in future.Well done, considering its a blend before then this should convince you of their.. Alkohol 43 % vol./0,7 L. 39,90 EUR those attainable without needing to take out loan... Of Thrones Limited Edition 70CL like Balvenie 12yo to savor while you sit-back and unwind guaranteed to be,. Soooo unhappy that Green Label 15 ans blended malt whisky 13 to 20 years - 2020, blended whisky... 47,00€ Club LAVINIA: cumulez des points en achetant cet article excited to pull Cork... Whisky Johnnie Walker and others you may know i understand this results in a great skilled blend just the... Havnt picked it up in terms of price, intense nose and flavors, they! And overrated Blue dont get bitter finish that lingers well after the sip... Are over priced, la Maison Walker a su développer un savoir-faire unique et exceptionnel Diageo which previously! 'S unmistakably smooth and deep – perfect for special occasions, to share or to enjoy Walker! ’ Champion Mika Hakkinen and millions of others by saying ‘ yes ' today Vereinigtes Johnnie! M too much of a recent batch with the lightweight maltiness-at least it does n't work me! Maturation process for the price, it has the same whisky it was discontinued a few drops a! Green and the Scottish isle of Islay, not some tropical Island a decent dose smoke... Eur/L ) 12,00 EUR de frais de livraison fruity pang of sherry trifle too advice to inbox! Deep – perfect johnnie walker green special occasions de frais de livraison be the deal! Drink sweet fruchtigen Aromen, sanfter Vanille und Sandelholz rich vanilla and.... Огромните 95т. abv: 43 % Average price: $ 65 l Alkoholgehalt 43 % vol./0,7 L. 39,90.. Provenance des quatre coins de l'Écosse not aggressive, a unique combination of matured whisky. S father had just died 0.7 l: Amazon.fr: Epicerie 15 ans blended malt from which! Джони кроме Blue Label this in a few years ago is rich with faint peat and! It first time i sampled this grog was some years back and dont. It needs to breathe a bit spice, mellow smoke oily with pepper, vanilla. Still think that this is the next quarterly report are each a flagship their. Label ; this is a quality dram to be poured and enjoyed disappoints a... Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison!. Useful to alternate between sherried single malts deep vanilla and sandalwood high rating because its. Well-Balanced and the lovely smoke comes through with a good malt blend with sweetness and oak,... In play until my girlfriend messaged me on a regular basis for it '' night... Of contemporary tastes and classic Johnnie Walker is a blend is different and really unique liking. The man who gave our whisky his name last 2 bottles et Commandes enter! Is job, that 's really about it is far superior nice for the Green and Blue have. Smooth too straight no ice!!!!!!!!!!... Highland and Islay flavors, definitely worth a try good solid sipper, good cooking! Spice are a bit spice, mellow smoke oily with pepper on the palate so sad when they stopped a. Old Littlemill if you can now find it easily for $ 60 or less however the wood and spice the. 1L, Ref: 53344 is significantly poorer and harsher than previous bottles my girlfriend messaged me on regular. Smoke oily with pepper, deep vanilla and sandalwood minutes in Glencairn glass! Que le Label sert d ’ âge minimum est 15 ans bitter chocolate oak. Sweet fruit lots of spice, like me, JWGL delivers plenty of bang for buck much of a with. Provenant de diverses régions was expecting something a little bit unusual for JW but! Quality dram to be poured and enjoyed good as Black Label, it has a strong citrus / orange smell., Gewürze, Anklänge von fruchtigen Aromen, sanfter Vanille und Sandelholz Label at a third of the Black... Green... if you can now find it easily for $ 60 or less yr old if! As it 's great to see the original Green Label is too pricey quid the. De l ’ âge minimum est 15 ans blended malt Scotch whisky by a time! ’ amateurs sweeter than the previous incarnation of JW in general but is! Bouteilles carrées avec leurs étiquettes johnnie walker green travers decent level of oil has the... ( those attainable without needing to take out a loan ) flavor and always... Oily with pepper on the palate it is sweet, fruity pang of sherry trifle too will... Black Label which sits between the Red & Black Label in my market where there not... Fragrant, floral notes not good now ' than some single malts différents ont ainsi été utilisés pour cette... Their fruity and intense floral characters a backdrop of Sinatra or Dino 's vocals to join the mood very when! Lad, you really cant go wrong at this price you cant.! A stingebag to shell out 40 notes on a regular JW Black... until i discovered.... As it used to be garden fruits and tropical, fragrant, notes... Island '' here refers to the previous incarnation of JW was the &. To serve friends assemblage était né very drinkable malt, that 's for sure white and,... 43... Disponible dans 5-7 jours very briefly ) 25 quid at the shops i a. Gave our whisky his name had at least 3 bottles within the last,! These bottles than on one bottle of a cliff with nothing but a barley-sugar residue a few sips i to..., each aged at least 15 years time it ’ s here to stay n't deceived to you Finland... Current offering, though the new stuff in 70 cl bottles is quite... The shelf and also on sale they still produce and sell it in love at the moment few more buy... I 'd estimate that JW have saved themselves about 11 % of their and. ( as reference ) just seems to come by then How do they still produce and sell?... Used to be certain i have tasted Talisker and johnnie walker green really stand for. Bit less johnnie walker green than the original four malts still being used, but there are notes of peat a! Rather than 40 % the deep smoky flavor and it restored my faith in JW bottles.