In this case, the nitro piston air rifle works using nitrogen gas. Good for small game hunting, this .22 caliber air rifle can attain a velocity of 950 feet per second. Everywhere you turn in the air rifle world, you can hear the buzz around the Benjamin Trail NP2. As you cock the rifle, you’ll be exerting that pressure to help make the shot propel at a distance until it can hit a target. Gas ram Nitro Piston air rifles are an increasingly popular type of airgun. Last Updated on January 27, 2021. However, if in fact you have somehow damaged the piston or seals so the gas in the piston leaks - then you have a problem where you need to go back to the manufacturer for repair. It has a rifled steel barrel for precision shooting. This item is incredibly nice product. But … With all the major brands including Gamo, Benjamin and Crosman Pyramyd Air has become your go-to source for gas spring and nitro piston rifles for air gun enthusiasts of all skill levels. Remarkably, if you’re going to shoot for the first time, you may think that the trigger has been tuned previously. He claimed that Nitro Piston 2 is the easiest air rifle for cocking. Nitro piston... rifle hold rather then artillery hold., Air guns, Airgun Forum Nitro piston... rifle hold rather then artillery hold. Nitro piston air rifles are a favorite of the shooters and gunners today and there are several brands out there flooding the market with these guns. If you searching to check on Remington Nitro Piston 22 Caliber Tactical Air Rifle And Remington Rifles In 223 Caliber price. I loved my first one so much i bought another, but the new one ive shot about 2000 shots through the velocity of the pellet is HIGHLY inconsistant im going tomorrow to get my money back and get a cheap springer. As a result, this rifle is easy to cock and has a smoother shot. This is another Crosman air rifle that boasts patented Nitro Piston technology. However, Tom Gaylord is an expert air rifle writer. The gun is very easy to shoot, hold the stock in one hand, slap the barrel with the other and continue to push down until you hear the piston cock. 1 c0cking of the barrel and you are good to go. The gas is contained in a pressurized cylinder. Search through our inventory of air rifles below you can shop by price, popularity and brand. Likewise, the trigger is properly improved also. How Does a Nitro Piston Air Rifle Work? I have owned and shot modern magnum spring rifles (Hatsan Mod 95, Hatsan Edge, Hatsan Mod 87, Crosman Optimus), Nitro Piston Gen1 rifles (Crosman Fire NP, Benjamin Titan GP), and a Nitro Piston Gen2 (Benjamin Summit NP2). Not only is it a piston, it’s a nitro piston which uses gas instead of a spring to generate the power to push the piston … Benefits normally advertised for gas ram guns include the ability for the gun to remain cocked for long periods without causing deterioration (useful when hunting, for example) and … There are many air rifles that are gas-powered. The air rifle with .22-inch caliber is relatively easy to cock. I have 2 crosman nitro piston air rifles. Many manufacturers utilize gas piston technology including Crosman with their patented Nitro Piston™ technology, Gamo with their IGT (Inert Gas Technology), Hatsan Vortex gas airguns and Umarex has also recently announced that they will start using gas pistons in some of their air rifles. They promise less cocking effort, less vibration, less cocking force, less noise, a crisper trigger and the most important thing: accuracy. So as CF explained, SHOOTING a NitroPiston air rifle is just like shooting any single stroke air rifle. If you are searching for read reviews Remington Nitro Piston 22 Caliber Tactical Air Rifle And Remington Rifles In 223 Caliber price. I do the same with all my air rifles, but my Benjamin NP XL725 rests on a BR bag(s) in the middle of the forestock to right in front of the trigger and shoots where I point it.